• APR 23, 2017

“Sruti Vishranth, a match made in heaven - literally."

We at Chocolate box photography have been fortunate to shoot weddings of various cultures and styles across India. One such wedding was Sruti and Vishranth which deserves a special mention. They had a Tam bhram wedding in the city of dreams, Mumbai. Their wedding was nothing short of dreamy as well. We were thrilled to see a Sangeet and Baraat at a Tamil wedding, which on the contrary is usually very ritualistic. The bride and groom, needless to say were such fabulous dancers and it was so hard for us to just shoot at the wedding ( We wanted to dance too). The sangeet had lovely dance performances from all their family members. Being a photography team, we are fortunate to witness the love and tons of emotions that surface up and capturing those little things is what we take pride in. Irrespective of how modern we get and how busy our lives turn, who doesnt cherish and enjoy romantic gestures ? Speaking of romantic, Vishranth had this lovely song recital for Sruti and took the sangeet to an all new high that evening :) Indian weddings have a lot of rituals based on the origin, caste and religion and that’s what makes India so awesome. Sruti was up and awake, getting ready for her big day and the bundle of rituals that bond her with Vishranth for a lifetime together. It starts of with the Kasi Yatra where the groom, Vishranth, takes off to go away to Kasi while the future father in law requests the groom to marry his daughter Sruti. (of course the groom came back running ;) The oonjal ceremony and malai maatral is a lot of fun, lot of singing and a lot of color where all the ladies in the house bless the to-be married couple . Soon after, the Kanika dhanam takes place where the girl is given away by her father to the groom while she is sitting on her father’s lap. This moment is where it gets real and tons of emotions are brimming up for every bride at this point. The event finishes off with a elegant reception with the bride and groom dressed up and decked up for the evening. The love between them started to blossom a couple of years before this big day and we at Chocolate box photography hope and wish the couple a happy married life and for a happily ever after :)



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