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About Us




About Us

Capturing souls and not just smiles, is what Chocolate box photography is well-known for. We understand the need of clients and present it with quality and clarity before them by displaying the emotions behind those moments.

Two young men left their corporate jobs to pull off their passion in photography. With creative minds and detail in their eyes, they are in field of professional photography since 10 years. The team of chocolate box photography feels privileged to capture one of the most important moment in someone’s life. Be it a birthday celebration or two souls declaring each other as happily ever after or bringing a child into your world, we will give you a lifetime package of happiness. Chocolate box photography tells stories out of photographs with real emotions and candid moments.

Started as freelancers in 2012 by two software engineers, Anshumaan Singh and Mohit Wadhwa with a passion to create and capture colorful and energetic imagery, they have remarkable experience of 10 years in the industry. They have a service-friendly and client approach, which makes them a reliable and trusted choice.

Chocolate box photography has documented unforgettable moments not just in India, but also in Dubai, Indonesia, Mexico, Sri-lanka, Philippines, Thailand, Maldives and at many more places. It is a closely knit team of twenty plus members who are highly passionate about photography, cinematography and post processing, providing services throughout the globe.

Allow us to create everlasting memories on your big day and we would love to freeze your raw emotions, bright energies and excitement in you.